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Thursday, October 1, 2009

October: It's that time again...

So, Deer Season once again is upon us. With only 44 days until the opening of 2009 Firearms Season in Missouri, it's time to rekindle the spirit of hunting.

To Do List:
Stop Shaving (check)
Begin Scent Removal Program
Sharpen Knives
Prepare Gear Checkdown List
Browse Cabela's Hunting Section

I thought I would also do some fact based analysis on the success of previous hunts.. After mining through massive amounts of data: weather trending, astrological indicators, rainfall totals, acorn production, scent quotients, and follicle measurements I have determined the rate of success for this year and what it all hinges on.

2007 Follicle Growth Pattern:

Probably about 1/2" length, simply just stopped trimming 1 month out.

Success Rate:
Shots Fired: 2
Deer Taken: 1
Does Seen: 5
Bucks Seen: 2

Deer Taken:

2008 Follicle Growth Pattern:

Full Grown Whalers Beard to Approx 1.5" First attempt at major beard growth expansion started in August.

Success Rate:
Shots Fired: 1
Deer Taken: 1
Does Seen: 8
Bucks Seen: 2

Deer Taken:

2009 Follicle Growth Pattern: (To Date)

Maintained Regular Trimming at 1+ inch length through out year until September when length trimming ceased. Should reach 4+ inch length by opening day via Protein Supplements and colder weather. (Bring on the Horse and Buggy comments)

Projected Success Rate:
Shots Fired: 2
Deer Taken: 2 (1 buck 1 doe)

Projected Buck To Be Taken:


Rachel said...

Trimming ceased?

Beard length to 4 inches?

So this is why we've been having so many beard conversations, Love. :-)

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

Very nice. What caliber are you using?

I know they're a bit antiquated but I'm thinking of getting my Lee Enfields into shape for some hunting. One Enfield is to be converted to No5MkI (jungle carbine) format and the other is a No4 with a basic BSA scope added on a custom mount, but I haven't really sighted it in well.

Jess said...

Using a Browning 270 A-Bolt composite stock.. 150 grain bullet. BSA scope I think. Very accurate gun. I've taken deer on the move over 90yds away in the brush... just awesome..